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eNews 12.9.2016






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Looking For: lost navy blue plastic lid for a 9 x 13 baking dish
Contact Ashley Mercado: 620.513.7277

For Sale: Schwinn stationary recumbent bicycle with 20 lb. steel resistant flywheel system ($200); wooden shop workbenches, 14' x 9' ($200) and 8' x 4' ($100); 4' table - wooden with metal legs and wheels ($50)
Contact Kathy Wilhelm: 620.960.5508

For Sale: Brand New high capacity washer and dryer
Paid $1400, will sell for $900.
Contact John Ingalls: 620.728.8291

For Sale: used saxophone - has a dent in the bell but plays fine.  $250 OBO.
Contact Sherri Barnes: 620.474.5593

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