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eNews 9/26/2014





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Looking for: Upright piano.
Contact Blake Gillen:

To Give Away: Moving boxes
For Sale: Bunk bed, $250
Contact Brenda Smart: 620-728-1736

To Give Away: Free kittens!
Contact Paul Brock: 620-728-9892

Looking For: a piano in good condition, any size
Contact Ray Brooks: 620-664-0377

For Sale: Bass guitar amp RMSB80 160 watts, $100.
Contact Heather Casey: 620-899-7931

For Sale: Two plots at Memorial Park Cemetery on West 4th in the east lawn area. 
Contact Cindy Armstrong: 620-200-4494

Looking For: Tan/brown loveseat in good condition.
Contact Penny Moore: 620-727-7606

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