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eNews 2.5.2016



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To give away:  Old, upright piano.
Contact Heidi Folmer: 620.664.8522

Looking For: iPod for Charis Cafe.
Contact Josh Goertzen: 620.931.5152

Michael & Allison Kramer are moving to Overland Park. Their home at 114 Kisiwa Pkwy will soon be on the market. They have a double bed from IKEA, free to someone in need of it.
Contact Allison Kramer: 620-314-8561

To Give Away: Wooden baby crib with mattress.
Contact Jen Unruh: 316-680-5276

For Sale: Microwave, wooden bar stool, filing cabinet, end tables, table lamps, swivel chair.
Contact Doris Ollenberger: 620-669-7855

Looking For: A nebulizer to borrow.
Contact Tiago Albuquerque: 620-899-7990

For Sale: Like-new scrubs
Contact Karen Swanson: 620-200-4154

Looking For: 2 twin mattresses
Contact Bethany Drouhard: 512-557-1782

Looking For: Adult male bicycle for college student
Contact Heidi Folmer: 620-664-8522

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