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eNews 11/25/2015







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Looking For: A nebulizer to borrow.
Contact Tiago Albuquerque: 620-899-7990

To Give Away: Women's medium, down-filled winter coat.
Contact Pam Worthington: 620-664-6522

For Sale: 7' Pre-lit tree, outdoor LED icicle lights.
Contact Dave Robertson: 620-931-8774

For Sale: Jonas Chickering console piano, made in America. Pecan finish in very good condition. Price negotiable.
Contact Jeannette Davenport: 989-893-6067

For Sale: Like-new scrubs
Contact Karen Swanson: 620-200-4154

Looking For: 2 twin mattresses
Contact Bethany Drouhard: 512-557-1782

Looking For: Adult male bicycle for college student
Contact Heidi Folmer: 620-664-8522

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