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25+1 Celebration

Last June marked 25 years since Grace Bible Church held its first service at Prosperity School. Since that day, the Lord has been faithful to guide, keep and grow His body at GBC. We are excited to make much of His faithfulness by celebrating all that He has done and continues to do. Join us for our 25+1 anniversary celebration June 12-13!

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I don’t have a ticket to Shane & Shane, but want to come to the concert on Saturday. What do I do?
Call or email the church office to get on the official waiting list. Or if you know of someone who has a ticket available, please feel free to arrange it with them. But BE SURE to let the church office know who you are giving your tickets to, so we can add their names to the concert ticketholders list.

I have a ticket to Shane & Shane, but I can’t make it any more. What should I do?
Call or email the church office, and we will be happy to match up your freed-up tickets with someone who wants them.

What are the food trucks serving? How much will dinner cost?
We are supporting 2 local food trucks, Comfort & Joy and Los Mariachis Tacquiera, plus Cousin Hector’s, a food truck from Wichita. The trucks serve a wide variety of foods and flavors with various price points - something for everyone!

Comfort and Joy serves American classics like pulled pork, hot dogs, cold sandwiches, and chicken salad sandwiches with chips on the side, for about $3 - 6 a meal.

Los Mariachis Taqueria serves authentic Mexican dishes including taco plates, big burritos, quesadillas, and fajitas for about $9 - 12.

Cousin Hector’s serves Chino Latin fusion cuisine including dishes like korean street tacos, jalapeno bacon burgers, Vietnamese egg rolls, loaded fries, and quesadilla tacos for between $5 - $9.

Salt City Chiller - Our own Gagnebin family will provide sno cones from their food truck

Will there be tables for dining on Saturday?
Yes, we will have a number of round tables near the food trucks if you’d like to sit and eat rather than walk and eat. Please make yourselves comfortable! However, the big tent will not be available until concert seating begins at 6:30 pm.

What are GraceBucks?
GBC is gifting each regularly-attending or member household 25+1 GraceBucks (that’s the equivalent of $26) to spend on special anniversary goods, including kids shades, stickers, car decals, Yeti coffee mugs, and tee shirts. This is special, good-looking gear, and your GraceBucks are only good for June 12-13! Once you’ve spent your 25+1 GraceBucks (equivalent to $26), or if you have brought guests who wish to purchase, you may purchase any additional items using cash, check or credit card. The GraceBucks will be tracked in the merchandise tent - just provide your family name and your GraceBucks account will be debited. Again, the GraceBucks are only good on the anniversary weekend.

I can’t attend this weekend. Can I buy merchandise later?
Any merchandise left over after June 12-13 will be able to be purchased at a later date. Only you and members of your immediate family can access your GraceBucks, so a friend cannot use your GraceBucks to buy something for you.

Where will the former pastors and their families and current missionaries be?
They will be stationed (in the shade!) under the portico for part of the open house. Please take this opportunity to fellowship with them; they have all expressed so much enthusiasm to see their sisters and brothers in Christ here at GBC and would be greatly encouraged to hear how God is working in your lives and share what He is doing in theirs.

Is Charis open this weekend?
Charis will be open Saturday from 4:00 - 6:30 pm during the open house and Sunday morning before the service for you to purchase your favorite drink, from 8:00 - 8:45 am.

Where are we eating lunch on Sunday?
Lunch will be served under the portico, and then you can eat on lawn chairs, picnic blankets, or on chairs under the big tent. So - bring your lawn chairs and picnic blankets!

What happens if it rains?
We will move events inside if it rains heavily or if there are heavy winds.

Will childcare be available?
We will have Tiny Tots for ages 0 - 1 on Sunday from 8:45 am - end of service. We are excited to worship under the big tent with your children ages 2 and up! What a privilege for them to experience this milestone worship service with us!

How can I help?
Contact the church office by call or email, and we will find a place for you to serve. Thank you for asking!


Share Your Story

God has been so kind to Grace Bible Church, this body made up of individuals who have been saved by the grace of Christ. We want to rejoice together over the work God has done, corporately and individually. Please share your story - or stories! - of God’s faithfulness in your life during your time at GBC so we can praise Him all the more.

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