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Reopening Plan Summary 
May 29

With the governor's transition to local control, Reno County has confirmed that houses of worship are free to open with social distancing. So GBC will reopen with two services this Sunday, May 31!

6-5-20 Covid Page Sunday Summary-036-30-20 Ministry Opening Update for Web-391. Feel free to attend your normal worship service. If you attend 2nd service normally but would like to attend 1st service, that would help with 2nd service crowding issues

2. There will be no other ministries happening besides those pertaining to the main service (only worship team, sound/media team, and preaching). GraceLife, nursery, kids ministry, and youth ministry will resume at a later date.

3. Please understand that ushers will seat you when you arrive (like at a wedding) - we still need to maintain social distancing between families. This means once you come in the door, you’ll be directed to your seat by ushers; make sure you keep 3 seats (6’) between your family group and the next family group. Many rows have already been removed, so front to back spacing is taken care of, but we need you to help ensure side to side spacing.

4. Please let the ushers direct you when you arrive and please follow the directions posted on signs at the church. (For example, enter through the doors marked “enter” and exit through the doors marked “exit”. We know it’s strange, but we have confirmed our plans with county health officials, so integrity dictates we follow through. Please help us have integrity as a church with a watching world by listening to the ushers and following the signs and going by the rules whether you like them or not.)

5. WHEN the Worship Center fills up, we will have overflow seating in the upstairs and downstairs GraceLife rooms that our ushers will direct you to. It is very likely you will end up sitting in one of these rooms at some point in the coming weeks. Please understand your flexibility is greatly appreciated.

6. Please practice good hygiene - wash your hands when appropriate, observe social distancing, practice appropriate greeting methods, feel free to wear a mask, and socialize outside.

7. Nursery is available for nursing moms, diaper changes and similar, but the nursery is not staffed.

8. There will be no Charis Cafe, no coffee will be served, and the water fountains will be unavailable. Please bring what you need for you and your family.

9.Please stay home if you are sick or if you are particularly at risk of the Coronavirus! We completely understand the need for folks to be safe and trust you to employ wisdom to care for yourself and those you love. If you should stay home, do so. We trust you.