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Duane Krueger


Krueger Family-24

As a child, I attended church almost every Sunday and as part of the world I did the things in church and in my life that others expected. But I wasn’t saved. At the age of 27 I surrendered my life unto the Lord.  At that moment in time I told my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that I would do whatever He wanted me to do. Within a very short time, I had a call offering me a teaching job in a Vocational-Technical school. Not until after I had agreed to interview for the job did I learn that the job was in a prison. I was reluctant to even consider it, but through a series of events and the leading of the Lord, I spent 43 years working as a contract teacher and school administrator for several different vocational schools and community colleges within the eight Kansas prisons. Now, retired from that position, I continue working to bring God’s Holy Word into the prison system with the help and leadership of Grace Bible Church and many faithful men within the church. This program, established in 2012, is known as Men of Grace Ministries (MGM).

My precious wife Jackie and I were married in 1972. We have four married children and six grandchildren. We both love Grace Bible Church and consider it a great privilege to serve individually and together as a couple within His church. 

I have praise and gratitude for the shepherds and pastors I have worked with at GBC over the years. I love the desire of these men to follow scripture, to hold one another accountable and to care for the sheep. I, as a sheep myself, consider it a great privilege to serve alongside them. I am impressed with the way the shepherds work in unity and use scripture as their guide in service to Christ and His church. I also appreciate the comradery of the men who are serving and the opportunity for accountability and direction for myself. My prayer would be that I am able to help in the leading and feeding of God’s chosen, and that as a plurality of shepherds we would all continue to work in unity, using the model of the Good Shepherd that Christ Jesus Himself has established.