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Josué Pineda Dale

Outreach Pastor | Pastor Del Ministerio En Español


Only by His Grace, the Lord saved me at age 14. Immediately, I started reading my Bible and serving in any capacity I could: Music, Children’s ministry, Outreach, Youth, Missions, etc. It was very clear to me, early in my Christian walk, that I wanted to serve the Lord full-time. Nevertheless, there were no places to be trained for ministry in El Salvador, so I kept growing in the Lord, studying on my own, and serving in my local church.

For ten years, I had a successful career in corporate finance in San Salvador, El Salvador; but I was not satisfied, even as I successfully climbed the corporate ladder. Everything was going well in the world’s eyes, but my heart was not there. My desire was for ministry, to shepherd the flock of God. I knew that God had called me to preach His Word, so I prayed and prayed, but the opportunity to study and prepare just wasn’t there. 

At this point, I had been praying with my wife, Mabe, for 10 years for the opportunity to be trained. I knew that it was time to either commit to theological training and full-time ministry, or stay in finance and serve whenever I had time. So I started praying that the Lord would bring along the right opportunity, and I did something I’d never done before: apply to seminary.

What followed was a remarkable string of providences that made it clear to us that God was taking us from El Salvador to Southern California. First was an acceptance letter, just two weeks after I applied. Then there was a scholarship that made seminary affordable. Finally, there was a last-minute, emergency appointment at the embassy and an unusually quick approval of a student visa for the our family. All of that made it possible for the us to come in the Fall of 2015 to be part of the first class of Spanish/English hybrid M.Div students at The Master's Seminary.

While in Los Angeles, CA, I served for 6 years in the Spanish Ministry at Grace Community Church in different capacities, including the following: Spanish Ministry’s Administrator, adult Sunday school teacher, home Bible study teacher, Pastoral Care & Counseling, as well as Coordinator of the men's ministry, "Hombres de la Palabra" [Men of the Word]. I also served as Administrative Coordinator of Spanish Education and Section Instructor of Theology III and IV at The Master's Seminary, and as Administrator and Content Editor at Sociedad Teológica Cristiana [Christian Theological Society]. I finished his Master of Divinity (M.Div.) in 2018, and his Master of Theology (Th. M.) in Systematic Theology in 2021. 

After sixteen years of praying and waiting, the Lord providentially brought us to Hutchinson, Kansas, to enter full-time, pastoral ministry. We can’t be more excited to be part of what the Lord is doing in Hutch through GBC. We love the city, the people, the solid teaching of the Word of God, the love for one another, the genuine desire to see everyone growing in maturity, and the passion to make much of Christ in everything you do.


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