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Justin Krehbiel

Outreach Pastor

I was blessed to grow up in a Christian family where Christ was consistently honored and exalted. My parents were faithful to train me in the ways of the Lord and to model what faithful submission to Christ looked like. Because I knew the answers and was generally well-behaved, I thought I was a pretty good kid. God worked through the evangelistic efforts of my older brother to show me that I was a sinner and on my way to hell. My only hope for salvation was Jesus’ death in my place. I cried out to God and asked him to save me. Since I was only 5 at the time, I marvel at how God allowed me to understand the gospel at such a young age, but I am so thankful that He did.

As I neared the end of high school and the beginning of college, I realized that because Jesus had saved me, I wanted to give my life back to him in some way. This planted in me a desire to pursue a lifetime of ministry even if I didn’t know exactly what that looked like at the time. I graduated from The Master’s Seminary in 2019, and now have the immense privilege of serving at the church that I grew up in.

I love this church, and it is my greatest privilege to serve as a shepherd of this local body. There is nothing sweeter than worshipping Jesus with those who instructed and mentored me from when I was a kid until now. In addition, God has given me a heart for the nations, especially for Brazil. Lord willing, I will be sent to Brazil as a church planter, but in the meantime, it is my ambition to make Jesus’ name known both at home and abroad. I long for the day when the multitudes from every tribe, tongue, and nation will worship before the throne of the Lamb.