Sundays at 8:30am & 10:30am

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EQUIP is our Wednesday evening adult ministry that goes from September - April. A family dinner is served at the church from 5:30-6:45, classes for children and junior & senior high students begin at 6:30, and classes for adults begin at 7:00. The purpose of EQUIP is to teach believers, from the Word of God, how to live out their faith in practical ways. The goal is to equip believers inside the church to live for God's glory both inside and outside the church.

For His Glory,
Pastor Blake

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Beginning September 23

Parenting: God's Call to Faithfulness Not Perfection
Pastor Hadley

Lesson 2 - Parenting
Lesson 3 - Parenting

Dwelling In Unity: An Inductive Study of Ephesians
Michelle Ruhlmann (For Ladies Only)

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The Life and Letters of Paul
Pastor Chuck 

Lesson 1 - The Life of Paul
Lesson 2 - The Life & Letters of Paul
Lesson 3 - The Life & Letters of Paul

 From Potatoes to Potato Salad - How to Teach God’s Word 
Pastor Bart

Have you, like me, ever looked up from your notes to find the tops of everyone’s head staring back at you as they trudged through the land of Nod while you labored through all the amazing things you studied? You are evidence that AT Robertson was correct when he boldly proclaimed “The greatest proof that the Bible is inspired is that it has stood so much bad preaching.” Friends, when we teach the Bible, we must teach it in a way that reflects the majesty and splendor and mystery and beauty and power that God has infused into His perfect Word. This class is designed to take those who teach on a somewhat regular basis and provide tools to improve the delivery of our study. Crack kills, preaching shouldn’t. Don’t just hand your audience an orange, instead peel it, squeeze it, strain it, put it in a chilled glass, serve it and watch their cheeks pucker and eyes smile. Every week you will have assignments related to preaching and reading that will encourage your growth in a form of preaching and teaching that arrests the mind and captivates the attention of you’re audience. The class time will be discussion of reading and interaction with sermons. If you preach or teach, you’ll benefit from this class. 

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