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Equip is our Wednesday evening adult ministry that goes from September - April. A family dinner is served at the church from 5:30-6:45, classes for children and junior high & high school students begin at 6:30, and classes for adults begin at 6:45. The purpose of Equip is to teach and equip believers, from the Word of God, how to live out their faith in practical ways for God's glory both inside and outside the church.

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September 27 - November 15
Fight the Good Fight: A Study in 1 Timothy
Pastor Steve Crawford | 6:45pm | Worship Center

Every single Christian has been entrusted with precious stewardships given to us by our Lord. We have each been entrusted with a relationship with the living God, with the message of the Gospel and the teachings of the Scriptures, and with the gift of the local church. But how are we to care for these precious gifts that God has given us? How are we to grow in our relationship with God? How are we to faithfully proclaim the Gospel & the Word? And how are we to care for the local church as followers of Christ? The Apostle Paul answered all of these questions in his first letter to his "son in the faith," Timothy. In this letter, Paul charges Timothy to "fight the good fight" (1 Timothy 1:18). Join us on Wednesday evenings this year as we study 1 Timothy so that we too may learn to "fight the good fight." (This class is open for all ages.) 

Parenting: God's Call to Faithfulness
Pastor Hadley Franz | 6:45pm | Room 223-224

We all know that there is only one perfect Father and one perfect Son. The grace of God is what makes the Christian life possible as we seek to become more like the Lord who saved us. As a parent, God calls you to faithfulness, not perfection. In this class we will dive into the heart of our perfect heavenly Father to see what faithful parenting looks like through the many different seasons and stages of child rearing and beyond. If you are anticipating child #1, if your children have all moved out of the house, or if you’re somewhere in between, this class will be helpful for you to see how you can redeem the time as mom & dad and glorify God in your parenting.

 Fundamentals of the Faith
Terry Drouhard | 6:45pm | Room 121-123

Fundamentals of the Faith has played a role in the spiritual growth of our congregation since 1995 at GBC, and for good reason. This 13-chapter study provides new believers with a rock-solid theological foundation. It helps more mature Christians sharpen their understanding of key doctrines that equip them for greater worship of the Lord, evangelism, and discipleship. Additionally, FOF fosters an environment that encourages interaction between those that attend and the teacher, often forming many lasting relationships. Of course, the power behind this curriculum is not in its format or the environment in which it is taught, but in the Word of God on which it is based.

You will need to purchase the following book from the Resource Center:
1) Fundamentals of the Faith

Fundamentos de la Fe
Pastor Josué | 6:00pm | Charis Small Group Room

Fundamentos de la Fe ha jugado un rol en el crecimiento espiritual de nuestra congregación desde 1995 en GBC. Este estudio de 13 capítulos provee un fundamento teológico sólido para los nuevos creyentes. Además, ayuda a los cristianos más maduros a comprender doctrinas clave para equiparlos para una mejor adoración al Señor, para el evangelismo y para el discipulado. Adicionalmente, FdF fomenta un ambiente que anima a la interacción entre aquellos que asisten y el maestro, logrando hacer relaciones duraderas a menudo. Por supuesto, el poder detrás de este plan de estudios no está en su formato ni en el ambiente en el que se enseña, sino que en la Palabra de Dios en la que se basa.

Debes comprar el siguiente libro en el Centro de Recursos:
1) Fundamentos de la Fe

Outreach & Evangelism
Jason Younger | 6:45pm | Room 208

The Evangelism Class will train you to clearly and understandably proclaim the gospel message. The manner in which you proclaim the gospel may vary—the message must not. God's Word is clear on what the gospel is and isn’t. Each lesson will help you think through the vital aspects of a God-centered message, while "Evangelism Keys" will provide practical applications to assist you.The goal of this class is to assist you in glorifying God by proclaiming the saving message of Jesus Christ! At the same time, it will equip to do understand why do we do Outreach Ministries at GBC and what is the biblical foundation for them.

Lesson topics include:
• The marks of a God-centered message
• How to start and end a gospel conversation
• What to say when presenting the gospel 
• How to respond when rejected
• Guidelines for evangelizing children
• Guidelines for discipling those who repent

You will need to purchase the following books from the Resource Center:

1) Grace Evangelism: Student Workbook
2) What Is the Gospel, by Greg Gilbert

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