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EQUIP is our Wednesday evening adult ministry. A family dinner is served at the church from 5:30-6:45, classes for children begin at 6:30, and classes for adults begin at 7:00. The purpose of EQUIP is to teach believers, from the Word of God, how to live out their faith in practical ways. The goal is to equip believers inside the church to live for God's glory both inside and outside the church.

Equip, along with all of our Wednesday evening activities, takes place during the school year, September through May. Please plan to join us for one of the adult classes listed below.

For His Glory,
Pastor Blake

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Winter 2020 | January 15 - February 26

Grace Bible Institute - Angelology
Pastor Blake Gillen| Worship Center | 7-8pm
The Grace Bible Institute (GBI) is a three year ministry to adults on Wednesday nights
at Grace Bible Church. Our goal is to learn and follow sound doctrine in order to glorify
God in all we do. This winter we will focus on a study of angelology. 
Our goal will be to start in in Genesis and work our way to Revelation learning what
angels are and how God uses them (Both good and evil) to work out His eternal plan. If
you never think about angels or you think the devil is constantly whispering in your ear,
hopefully this class will give you a more accurate view of the role of angels in the Bible
and in the Christian life for your good and God's glory.

January 15 Notes
January 22 Audio and Notes
February 5 Audio and Notes
February 19 Audio
February 26 Audio
Pastor Justin Krehbiel | Room 222 | 7-8 pm

Isaiah is maybe the greatest book in the OT, and it has as much relevance for today as
it did for OT Israel. Aside from the book of Psalms, Isaiah is the most quoted book of
the Bible by both Jesus and the NT writers. With over 55 quotations in the NT its
importance for today's Christian cannot be denied. While many think that the Prophets
are all about judgment, Isaiah is one of the most beautiful pictures of salvation in the
entire Bible. Isaiah teaches us how to live day-to-day in our jobs, family, communities,
while remembering that we are doing everything for God’s glory, and the advancement
of His Kingdom. With themes ranging from everyday life to eschatology, this study
shows us the glory of King Jesus, and the incredible responsibility we have to live as
His representatives.

January 15 Audio and Notes
January 22 Audio
January 29 Audio
February 5 Audio
Isaiah 11-12
February 19 Audio
February 26 Audio
March 11 Audio
 Inductive Study of Deuteronomy (for ladies only!)
led by Michelle Ruhlmann
Room 222 from 6:45 - 8pm
Visit the Every Woman's Grace page for audio and notes!


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Fall 2019

Sweaty Palms and Weak Knees: Jesus' Hope for Normal Christians Who Want to Be Faithful
Pastor Justin

Grace Bible Institute: Doctrine of Ecclesiology (The Church)
Pastor Blake Gillen

Spring 2019

Grace Bible Institute: Doctrine of Soteriology (Salvation)
Pastor Blake Gillen

Winter 2019

Grace Bible Institute: Anthropology (Man) and Hamartiology (Sin)
Pastor Blake Gillen
How to Study Scripture
Pastor Chuck Lambert 
Inductive Study of Hebrews
led by Michelle Ruhlmann

Fall 2018

Grace Bible Institute: Pneumatology (Study of God the Holy Spirit)
Pastor Blake Gillen
Living a Life of Hope: Staying Focused on What Really Matters
Pastor Chuck Lambert

Spring 2018

Theology Proper
Various Speakers

Parenting for the Glory of God
Pastor Chuck Lambert
Marriage that Pleases God
Pastor Chuck Lambert

Fall 2017

Grace Bibe Institute: Bibliology (The Study of God's Word)
Pastor Blake Gillen

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