Tiny Tots (0-36 months)

We want to welcome you to Tiny Tots! This ministry is geared to children (0-36 months), however we are excited to get to know you moms also! It is our desire to provide an environment for your children that is a safe, clean, loving, and fun place to be. Tiny Tots is staffed by volunteer team leaders, moms and other caregivers from our church body during all regularly scheduled church services. Proverbs 22:6 says to “Train up a child in the way he should go, even when he is old he will not depart from it.” That is what we want to do with your little ones by teaching them about the world God created for them as well as how to share and be kind to others.

Our check-in and check-out process is designed with safety in mind, and we utilize a computerized label system. When you arrive, there will be people available to help you with this process and to answer any questions that you may have. Please have a cell phone with you so that we can contact you in the event you are needed during the service.

Each area has activities that are fun and safe for your children and geared toward helping their development. Our Tiny Tots are divided by their abilities, not necessarily ages.

From birth until your child begins to explore the world they will be in Wee Tots.

Tumble Tots are those little ones who are crawling, rolling, scooting and beginning to walk. They have lots of room to move around and over things, sometimes tumbling as they go.

Teeter Tots are those children who are walking. We have given them room to practice their walking skills to perfection!

Mighty Tots are for our 2 -3 year olds. Why Mighty Tots? Because they can be mighty little personalities, but we also know that we serve a mighty God and look forward to teaching these little ones more about Him!

Please feel free to contact Barb Casey, our Tiny Tots Coordinator, with any questions. Thank you in advance for the opportunity to care for your child! We pray that this ministry will be a great blessing to you and help you to fully focus on the teaching and fellowship you will receive here at Grace Bible Church.

Tiny Tots Ministry Team

 Interested in serving in the Tiny Tots ministry? Click HERE!