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Love Hutch

It is our desire to proclaim and demonstrate the Gospel of Jesus as we love the children and families in our community.


We believe God has uniquely created every individual to display His glory. As a result we could not be more excited to care for and learn from people in our city.

We're praying that through our summer camps and  our community and school involvement God would build very real and unique relationships that cross all racial and socioeconomic boundaries. Our desire is that through all these things, God would bring regeneration to our city for His glory.

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2019 LoveHutch Summer Camp
When: May 27 - June 7 | Weekdays 12-5 pm
Who: Kindergarten - 6th Grade
Where: Grace Bible Church | 1221 E 33rd Ave.
What: Sports, Games, Art, Education, Bible Lessons and Snacks
Registration begins at 11:30 am May 27
UPDATE 6/23/2017:
Hello GBC family! As many of you know, God allowed our church to do something very special in our city through LoveHutch. We were able to put on a free two week summer camp in downtown Hutchinson for kids and families from hard places. It was amazing to see the faithfulness and kindness of God has He provided all of our needs and answered all of our prayers to be able to do this. God brought over 130 children from our community to our summer camp. 
Every day the kids would rotate through different stations including, art, sports, games, education and of course bible! Our theme for the camp was “More Than Hero.” We focused on the reality that Jesus is more than a hero. A hero dies for the good guys, but Jesus left heaven to die for people who hated Him, to save sinners like us. Every Friday, right after camp we were able to serve the families dinner. We had over 300 people stay to eat both Fridays. Watching these families eat with families from our church was a powerful sight. We were able to sit with our new friends and share with them the hope of the gospel, while we ate with them and their children. The glory of God was put on display. By the grace and Spirit of God, were able to have some incredible conversations, build relationships, and see people come to saving faith in Jesus Christ. Praise God!
God worked in such an powerful way in the hearts of everyone involved with LoveHutch (children, families and workers)  and for that we praise Him. It was our prayer that the love of Christ would compel us to represent Jesus to our city (2 Corinthians 5) in a very honest and natural way. The Lord answered this prayer.
There are two major take aways as we end our first of many summer camps.
1.)  We serve a great and glorious God! God is passionate for His glory Only God could have done something as amazing as  LoveHutch. He alone receives the praise. We came to the Lord in much prayer and dependence and God exceeded all that we thought He would. 1 Chronicles 16:8-36
2.) The need in our city is greater than we thought. There is work to be done in our Hutchinson. The circumstances of our friends were hard to believe at times. We have a message of hope, joy and forgiveness to share. It is our responsibility to move towards them and love them towards Christ. The summer camp has ended, but LoveHutch has just begun and I am excited to labor with you all year round for our friends! If you are looking to be involved please contact me at 620-931-5152 or email me We are preparing for more events this summer and fall, as well as involvement with the kids in their schools. Psalm 67
We are still working to be fully funded by coming up with 6k for the summer camp. If God lays it on your heart to partner with this ministry to help us finically we would greatly appreciate your partnership. We are looking forward to moving ahead as soon as we can pay off our expenses.
I want to personally thank you for the involvement of our church in this ministry. For the laborers, for the donations, and for all the prayers. It takes the whole body of Christ to be able to do something like this. God used and is still using the So thank you for serving the Lord through LoveHutch for the furtherance of the gospel and the glory of Christ!
Blessings, Josh Goertzen