Growing in Christ for the Glory of God

4-12-24 GraceLife Media Button

GraceLife is at the center of adult ministries at Grace Bible Church. GraceLife is more than a Sunday school class - it's a time designed for adults to worship, be taught, pray, and fellowship in a smaller environment than the regular worship service setting can provide. 

In the New Testament, the apostle Paul focused much on the maintenance of orthodoxy and truth in the body of Christ. He exhorted believers to 'hold fast' to the deep truths of Scripture, to guard the gospel and avoid evil. Additionally, he taught to 'encourage one another and build one another up' in the faith. GraceLife is designed for those purposes. 

Two classes meet each Sunday morning, one at 8:45 and the other at 10:30, upstairs in room 222/223. You're invited to join us where doctrine is taught, fellowship is encouraged and the Lord Jesus is honored.